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Instant Trading EU Ltd, providing its services under InstaForex brand, is a fully licensed and regulated EU company. Founded by a team of finance professionals, the company has extensive experience offering innovative trading products and exceptional service.

To fully understand the implications of trading with InstaForex, we offer you our regulatory documents that you can freely download and read in PDF format.

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  • General Business Terms
  • Client Categorization MIFID II
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Complaints
  • Protection of Client Funds
  • Key Information Document
  • Execution Quality Summary Statement
  • Disclosure and Market Discipline
  • RTS 27
General business terms
General Business Terms
Terms and Conditions
Risk Disclosure
Privacy Policy
Cookies Policy
Website Terms of Use
Leverage and Margin Policy
Order Execution Policy
Cost & Charges
VPS service agreement
Specifications of Trading Instruments
Information on Standard performance time, Price deviations, and Rejection of orders to purchase or Sell a derivative instruments
Terms of Agreement of the On Your Side Portfolio Services
Client Categorization MIFID II
Client Categorisation MiFID II
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Policy
Complaint Handling Procedure
Protection of Client Funds
Investor Compensation Fund
Key Information Document
Key Information Document - CFDs on Commodities
Key Information Document - CFDs on FX
Key Information Document - CFDs on Shares
Key Information Document CFD on a Index
Key Information Document CFDs on Crypto
Key Information Document - CFDs on Energy Futures
Execution Quality Summary Statement
Execution Quality Summary Statement (RTS 28) 2019
Execution Quality Summary Statement (RTS 28) 2018
Execution Quality Summary Statement (RTS 28) 2017
Disclosure and Market Discipline
Pillar III disclosures
Disclosure and Market Discipline 2019
Disclosure and Market Discipline 2018
Disclosure and Market Discipline 2017
Disclosure and Market Discipline 2016
RTS 27
RTS 27 for Q2 2021
RTS 27 for Q1 2021
RTS 27 for Q2 2020
RTS 27 for Q3 2020
RTS 27 for Q4 2020
RTS 27 for Q1 2019
RTS 27 for Q2 2019
RTS 27 for Q3 2019
RTS 27 for Q4 2019
RTS 27 for Q1 2018
RTS 27 for Q2 2018
RTS 27 for Q3 2018
RTS 27 for Q4 2018
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