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Trading di petrolio

Here you will find all the necessary information for oil trading with InstaForex
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Da cosa dipende il costo del petrolio?

You can trade crude oil with InstaForex in the form of CFDs on futures. This means that a lot will not have a fixed volume in barrels, gallons, or liters of the crude. Instead, there will be a fixed margin available in the specification. Beside the price for futures, the specification has three parameters that are important for every trader: the margin, the value and the tick size. Let us have a look at an example.

Let us say you decided to buy #CL (a CFD on crude oil). You can see that the margin is 2,000, i.e. you will commit 2,000 for each open lot. In other words, if your balance is USD 3,000, after a lot is opened, you will only have USD 1,000 of free margin.

Grafico di trading sul petrolio

72.34 USD
16 Jun 2021 15:02
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