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Synthetic ETFs are unleveraged products that are very similar to ETFs Synthetic ETFs are unleveraged products that work basically the same way as ETFs. They represent CFD derivatives on pooled investments in physical assets and futures. That is, synthetic ETFs match the performance of underlying ETFs.
Synthetic Etfs benefits
Exposure to specific markets, sectors, and industries. Synthetic ETFs are a diversified portfolio of instruments giving a client an opportunity to invest in a given market without analyzing companies separately.
General convenience and less work for investors
Lower risk compared to adding companies to a portfolio on your own with only a slight limitation of the growth potential
Low-cost alternative to investing in conventional ETFs

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Why trade synthetic ETFs with us?

  • No commissions and no swaps are charged
  • Raw spreads (no markup fees)
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal options
  • Daily market analysis
  • Dedicated customer service and personal managers
  • I.C.F. protection
  • Access to other asset types within one click: indices, fiat currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, SPACs and Stock Basket CFDs

How to invest in Synthetic ETFs?

Register an account
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Open MT5 trading account
Make a deposit
Choose Synthetic ETFs webpage you wish to invest in

Register an account now and gain exposure to a diversified investment tool with Zero Commission!

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