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The Swap Calculator

The Swap Calculator helps you determine the interest you pay or earn for any CFD position held open overnight. Depending on the deal type, the interest is either debited or credited to your trades and reflected in your account balance.
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Swap Calculator
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How to calculate
Here is an example of swap calculation for a short EURUSD trade of 1 lot on a USD denominated account:
Calculate your swap fee by selecting the instrument you are trading, your trading account currency and the trade size. The calculator is updated on a daily basis to reflect the actual swap rates that will be charged for the day.
Swap short rate: 1.5 points
The number of nights a deal is kept open: 2
1 lot = 10,000 units
Minimum price increment (value of 1 pip): 0.00001
Swap fee = 10,000 * 1.5 * 2 * 0.00001 = 0.3 USD debited on your account
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