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Market Scanner for MetaTrader
Autochartist is available in your MetaTrader 4/5 Trading terminal
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Autochartist Analysis types

Autochartist provides technical and statistical analysis and immediately recognises emerging and completed trade setups. Analysis types vary to cater for all types of traders, technical analysis types include: Chart patterns, Horizontal key levels, Fibonacci patterns and Statistical patterns such as Big movements and Consecutive candles
Chart Patterns
Chart pattern formations that are identified by Autochartist include wedges, triangles, channels, rounding tops and bottoms, and many other patterns. Autochartist also indicates when the price action will reach a predicted target area
Horizontal Key Levels
Autochartist Key levels identify horizontal support or resistance levels at significant price levels. This is the most popular analysis type as it is loved by all types of traders. It is simple to understand and ideal for the new trader and very valuable for more experienced and advanced traders
Statistical Patterns
Everyone wants to know where the exceptionally large movements in the markets are, as the question is always “What is going to happen next?”. The Autochartist Big Movements and Consecutive Candle statistical patterns automatically identify large movements in the market
Fibonacci Patterns
Autochartist automatically identifies Fibonacci patterns that can visually illustrate certain levels at which either support or resistance is anticipated, according to the Golden ratio theory. Levels like that can play an instrumental role in setting up stop-loss levels and identifying trading objectives

Volatility Analysis

Autochartist Volatility Analysis provides traders with automated and easy to understand price range movement levels which showcase the volatility in the markets for all asset classes over various times. For inexperienced traders, this makes setting appropriate stoploss and take-profit levels easier to action
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VIP customers have the ability to filter their opportunities within the trading platform to get only the best trade setups based on past performance
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Email subscription options

  • Daily Market Snapshot
    This email contains a market snapshot that provides a 24-to-48 hour view on the market. This report is generated 3 times per day at the opening of the European, Asian and US sessions in the language and instrument class of your choice.
  • Hight Impact News Events
    This email contains a list of highly impactful economic news events that are to be released in the next 8 hours. Be prepared for volatility and plan your trading strategy accordingly.
  • VIP Service - Correlating alerts
    This service alerts traders of instances when multiple analysis types across numerous timeframes all forecast a movement in the same direction. It is one of Autochartis’s most valuable trading tools.
  • Trade of The Day
    Receive one of the most interesting Trades of the day via email. An Autochartist in-house market analyst provides an in-depth view into what makes the trade of the day an ideal opportunity to trade.
  • Best 5 Trades From Last Week
    Do you want to know which trade setups performed the best last week? Autochartist sends out weekly emails every Monday with the Best 5 trades of the previous week. Make sure you do not miss out on this.

Risk Calculator

Professional traders know the importance of risk management, taking into consideration the amount of return they are getting in compared to the amount of risk they are taking. Use the Autochartist Risk Calculator help you maintain an appropriate risk level across all of your trades
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Autochartist for MetaTrader

The Autochartist Market opportunity scanner is the perfect trading companion. Whether you are trend trader or a swing trader, Autochartist approaching and breakthrough patterns will show you where the action is. If you’re interested in a particular timeframe or pattern type, use the Filters option to customize the market activity you see
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Installing the Autochartist MT4 Plugin
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Installation guide
The World’s first Market Scanner for MT4
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How to use the Autochartist MT4 Plugin
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Installation guide
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