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that the process of verification is quick and easy for you. All you need to do is complete the Questionnaire and upload a Proof of Identity and a Proof of Address. Your personal data stays safe and protected against unauthorized access.
Requirements for the uploaded documents
The scanned copy or a photo must be:
in colour
clear and readable
in full size(all edges and corners must be visible)
of high quality
Proof of Identity documents:

Take a photo of the document or make a scan. If you are uploading a passport, please make sure that both internal pages are provided in the same photo or a scanned copy.

If you are uploading an ID card or a Driving License, please make sure that both sides of the document are provided.

The name on your profile should match the name on your Proof of Identity.

Documents should be valid (not expired).

Proof of Address documents:

The name on your profile should match the name on your Proof of Address.

The document confirming the address should be issued within the last 6 months.

PO Boxes are not accepted.

Allowed file types: png, jpeg, jpg, gif, and pdf.
The file size should not exceed 10 MB.
Watch these simple steps to upload your documents
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What other documents apart from a passport can I submit for verification?
    We also accept the following documents:
    • National identity document (ID) (front and back sides must be provided)
    • Driving License (front and back sides must be provided)
  • What document can be used as a Proof of Address?
    We accept the following documents:
    • utility bills (electricity, gas, water, and sewage disposal) or bills for landline phone and broadband Internet services
    • bank/credit card statement
    • reference letter from a bank
    • certificate of residence/domicile certificate (not handwritten)
    • local tax bill
  • How do I upload my documents?
    You can upload your documents in the Profile section of the Client Area or email them to verification@instaforex.eu.
  • Where do I fill in the Questionnaire?
    You can fill in the online Questionnaire in the Profile section of the Client Area.
  • How long does it take to verify my account?
    Account verification can take from 2 to 72 business hours (depending on whether the uploaded documents comply with the mentioned requirements).
  • What happens if my account does not get fully verified?
    You will have limited access to our services.
  • Can I trade with real funds if the verification of my profile is not completed?
    You can trade on a live account given that your Proof of Identity document is approved and you’ve passed the online Questionnaire. You should complete verification within 14 days from the moment of the first deposit, providing a Proof of Address as well. Otherwise, trading on your account(s) will be suspended and the remaining balance will be returned to you on the 15th day from the moment of registration.
  • What if some of my documents expire?
    We will ask you to provide the updated documents as soon as possible to avoid disruption to your trading. Before the document expires, we will send you a reminder to the email address that you have specified when registering.
  • What documents do I provide if I want to register an account in the name of a legal entity?
    In case the account is registered in the name of a legal entity, we will need to receive the following certified true copy of the original documents:
    1. Certificate of incorporation and certificate of good standing of the legal person;
    2. Certificate of registered office;
    3. Certificate of directors and secretary;
    4. Certificate of registered shareholders in the case of private companies and public companies that are not listed in a regulated market of a European Economic Area country or a third country with equivalent disclosure and transparency requirements;
    5. Memorandum and articles of association of the legal person;
    6. A resolution of the board of directors of the legal person for the opening of the account and granting authority to those who will operate it;
    7. In the cases where the registered shareholders act as nominees of the beneficial owners, a copy of the trust deed/agreement concluded between the nominee shareholder and the beneficial owner, by virtue of which the registration of the shares on the nominee shareholder’s name on behalf of the beneficial owner has been agreed;
    8. Documents and data for the verification of the identity of the persons that are authorised by the legal person to operate the account, as well as the registered shareholders and beneficial owners of the legal person.
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