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OYS Portfolios
OYS Portfolios
OYS takes trading to the next level by creating diversified investments while investing passively.
Invest in assets selected by our specialists and pay no fees until you earn.
What is OYS Portfolios?
OYS Portfolios is a service intended for diversification of clients’ investments. Based on the Copy mechanism, the service allows traders to copy OYS Portfolios which are trading accounts comprising an asset or a group of assets managed by the Company’s specialists.
The money must work
Banks today are not very generous with interest on deposits. Keeping cash in bank accounts at an interest rate that doesn't even cover inflation is not the best solution because inflation will continually depreciate the value of your money. So more and more people are looking for other ways to manage their wealth. How to make your money work? One option is to invest.
Our OYS Portfolios
**As of July 2022. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. For a full overview of performance click on link.
How to get started
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Choose the OYS Portfolio

Step 5

Make a deposit you wish to invest

  • How safe is this product?
    When you invest in the OYS Portfolio, the Company simply holds for you the investment on the side of liquidity provider, where you are the owner of it. However, as OYS Portfolio is a leveraged portfolio then there are significant multiple risks connected to this investment. The main risks are Leverage risk, Market risk, Volatility risk. It is worth to note that despite the fact that OYS Portfolio can consist of indexed ETFs which track a big number of companies, the leverage makes investment high risk with no guarantee that the client cannot lose a big part of his investments or all investments.
  • Is there a minimum amount to invest?
    A minimum amount to invest is 2,000 USD.
  • What are the fees?
    All the portfolios have no mark-up fees. The company charges only market fees*, incurred from the liquidity provider, and a 20% fee on profits on a quarterly basis. For example, if you profited 2,000 USD in the first quarter, then the company will charge you 400 USD by the end of the quarter regardless if you quit from an OYS investment or not. If your total cumulative profit turns out to be less than 2,000 USD by the end of the next quarter, then you will not be charged any profit fees as the total profit you have is less than what you have already been charged on. There are no rebates on fees in such a case. A fee will apply again if your cumulative profit goes above 2,000 USD in a quarter, and this fee will be charged on the amount of profit above 2,000 USD.

    *market fees information for each OYS Portfolio is available in the description
  • What if I invest money and then need it urgently?
    You can withdraw from an investment any time you want to. We process money withdrawals within 4 working hours (on average).
  • What is the difference between Copy service and OYS Portfolios?
    OYS Portfolios are managed by the Company's specialists whereas in Copy service the clients manage their trading accounts you are following for.
  • Where do I see detailed information about OYS Portfolios?
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