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Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs with InstaForex are a reliable source of extra earnings. Our partners enjoy unique privileges such as promo materials at no cost, widgets, simple instruments for analysis, and transparent statistics.

We offer affiliate programs of three types: CPA, CPC, and CPL. It is up to you to choose the option to suit your convenience.

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InstaForex Affiliate Program
InstaForex pays commission to its partners who refer clients to the сompany
Attractive remuneration system. Fast, flexible and transparent payout schemes. Rewarding packages
Partnership with a regulated and licensed broker
Multilingual support
An opportunity to make extra income using your website
Wide range of marketing tools. We have a wide range of promotional material including videos, e-books, banners, etc. to streamline your work
No limit on commission size
Detailed statistics
Access to market analysis, Forex charts, tick charts, quotes archive, Forex TV, including economic calendar and market overviews, and the trading platform
Trading in mobile apps
Excellent trading and brokerage services
Professional support available 24/5
Highest сustomer service. Relationship managers to help clients grow
Segregation and safekeeping of client funds
Negative balance protection
Best execution policy
CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA (Cost Per Action) suits specialists in target advertisement and digital marketing.

To work under the CPA program, a partner does not need profound knowledge of the forex industry and does not have to make complicated calculations of a commission. Everything is easy. An affiliate commission depends entirely on what amount has been first deposited by a new referred client. The minimum CPA rate starts from 200 EUR.

Commissions are credited within the following terms: The shortest term is one month. The longest term (for example, in case there is no trading activity on the referral’s account) is unlimited.

This information is not a public offer.

For more details, please, contact us submitting the partner application below.

You refer a client using any method available under the CPA affiliate program
A client signs up, opens a trading account, and makes a deposit
You receive a commission depending on the amount of a client’s deposit
CPL (Cost Per Lead)

CPL (Cost Per Lead) is designed for specialists in target advertisement and digital marketing.

Unlike other affiliate programs, a participant of the CPL program is awarded regardless of trade volumes of the clients referred by his/her efforts. The key goal is to provide targeted traffic.

The size of an affiliate commission depends on the number of referred clients and starts from EUR 10 for each registered client with the phone number confirmed. The commission is paid on a monthly basis.

This information is not a public offer.

You refer a client using any method available under the affiliate program
A client signs up
You get a commission for every referred client
CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC (Cost per Click) affiliate program

CPC (Cost per Click) is an affiliate program which opens up opportunities to website owners, SEO specialists, and managers of digital marketing. The program allows its participants to earn commissions based on the number of clicks on the links or banners placed on the affiliate website.

A participant in this program is able to gain up to $1,000 per 1,000 clicks. A commission size depends on the number of clicks on the affiliate link and the conversion rate.

This information is not a public offer.

You place an affiliate link or web banner on your own website
Following your link or web banner, a client goes to instaforex.eu and signs up
You get a commission according to the number of clicks and the conversion rate
Tells about our services
Registers and trades
Pays the remuneration
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