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The international currency market is built on principles of buying one currency and selling another. The daily market turnover is about 3 million US dollars. With the help of brokers and dealing centers one can trade almost any world currency.

In this article we consider one of the most popular currency pairs – EUR/USD. The euro-dollar currency pair appeared on April 7, 1989. The initial EUR/USD rate was 1.0445.

Statistics for 2007 confirms that 27% of all operations are executed with euro-dollar currency pair. To the present time EUR/USD pair has been the most traded and popular in the international currency market Forex. The pair is interesting both for professionals of currency speculations and absolute novices of trading. It is one of the most active pairs in the market and notable for insignificant volatility, attracting traders with different experience on Forex. EUR/USD pair movements are smooth, but during the day high activity can be noticed and used by the intraday and short-term traders for getting great profit.

Traders who actively work with the euro-dollar currency pair should be always aware of economic events in the USA and Eurozone. The pair adheres to the trend trading. Entering the market trader should estimate the current prices, draw a trend and find the historical levels of short trading prospect.

Every currency pair in the market has its own peculiarities and suffers from impact of different factors. Traders should realize these peculiarities and trade paying great attention to them.

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