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Undoubtedly, a distinctive feature of electronic currency is its virtuality, as it cannot be touched, put in pocket or paid with in a store. Speaking about material component, it does not exist. However, we should not doubt of its materiality. You can buy anything in the Internet with it: apartment, car or home appliances. Electronic currency can also be converted into any currency you need. Virtual purses are usually funded through prepaid cards such as WebMoney, Yandex.Money or bank wire. You can withdraw money from electronic payments system by using ATM or bank withdrawal. Moreover, you can get a credit in electronic currency. All this is available in the global network Internet. As a rule, all operations with electronic currency take no longer than several minutes.

Electronic currency has many peculiarities which paper money does not have:

1. It cannot be faked.

2. With electronic purse on your computer and a special anti-spy protection, third parties will have no chance to hack it. Confidentiality is guaranteed. And you do not need to obtain any permission documents. You may open as many electronic purses as you want.

3. You are absolutely independent. Only you can determine the deposit amount.

4. You will be always aware of who and where you transfer money to and where it comes from.

5. Absolute safety of all operations. Using electronic money you are able to make a riskless transaction, i.e. pay for goods only after you receive them.

6. All transactions take a few seconds.

7. You can buy a lot of goods and services which are available for sale for electronic money only.

8. You can take out a loan using electronic money. Besides, you can both obtain and grant loans.

9. Opportunity of using numerous banks, multicurrency.

We can state that electronic currency is the same money, but expressed in digital format.

Due to dynamic development of the Internet and technologies, people take another view of payment opportunities. All aforesaid advantages of electronic currency prove its great use.

Electronic currency is a new phenomenon widening opportunities. The only problem you can face is a fear of something new.

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