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14.01.202218:09 Forex Analysis & Reviews: Trading signals for Dow Jones 30 (#INDU - DJ30) on January 14 - 17, 2022: sell below 35,873 (200 EMA)

Relevance up to 11:00 2022-01-17 UTC--5
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Exchange Rates 14.01.2022 analysis

According to the 4-hour chart, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (#INDU – DJ30) is trading under bearish pressure, below the 200 EMA located at 35,873. Technological components of the industrial average with notable negative numbers were Microsoft Corporation down 4.23%. salesfore.com inc. lost 3.87% and Apple Inc shed 1.90%.

The Dow Jones 30 is under downward pressure. This downtrend is likely to continue in the coming days. US bonds increased their yields due to investor uncertainty regarding the Fed's monetary policy.

US Treasuries perked up earlier in the week after the Fed Chairman said the central bank would be in a position to begin a cycle of monetary tightening with several interest rates hikes this year as soon as the bond-buying program is terminated.

According to the 4-hour chart, the trend of the Dow Jones is bearish as long as it remains trading below the 200 EMA. A continuation of the downward pressure is expected towards the support of 3/8 Murray located at 35,546 and down to 2/8 of Murray around 35,156.

Conversely, if in the next few days, the DJ30 manages to consolidate above 4/8 Murray around 35,937, we could see a move higher towards the top of the downtrend channel at 36,220. In case of a sharp break above 5/8 Murray, the index could reach the all-time high of 36,825. If this level is broken, the price could print a new high of 37,000.

The eagle indicator is giving a negative signal and supports our bearish strategy. Therefore, as long as the DJ30 trades below 35,876, we can sell with targets at 35,546 and down to 35,156.

Support and Resistance Levels for January 14 - 17, 2022

Resistance (3) 36,101

Resistance (2) 35,937

Resistance (1) 35,816


Support (1) 35,635

Support (2) 35,463

Support (3) 35,350



Timeframe H4

Recommendation: sell below

Entry Point 35,873

Take Profit 35,546 (3/8), 35,156 (2/8)

Stop Loss 35,965

Murray Levels 36,328 (5/8) 35,937 (4/8) 35,546 (3/8)


Dimitrios Zappas
Analytical expert of InstaForex
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