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US firm to make drinking water from moisture in atmosphere

US firm to make drinking water from moisture in atmosphere

Nowadays, some countries are launching rather exotic projects. Thus, one of the US companies, Zero Mass Water, is working on a project aimed at water production. The company is planning to avoid drilling of wells  because its technologies allow people to make water from air. The new technology will be tested in a desert not far from Dubai. The plant that is under construction now needs just solar power. Moreover, bottles that will be used are recyclable and the caps are sustainable.

The water-from-air production will be performed by means of specialized hydropanels that absorb water vapor and extract it using solar energy. Cody Friesen, founder of Zero Mass, believes that “Dubai’s hot and humid climate makes the emirate a prime location”.

The technology is much more expensive than desalination. That is why water produced by Zero Mass Water will be of the same price as such elite brands as Evian and Fiji. These companies sell their water at the price of around $2.72 for one liter.


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