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US to pump around $2 billion into Russian economy

US to pump around $2 billion into Russian economy

Traditionally, the Russian economy receives substantial annual monetary investments from overseas. Interestingly, US investors are expected to pump around $1.8 billion in Russia this year. The current amount of foreign capital fell slightly compared to the previous years. Thus, US investors put some $1.9 billion into the Russian economy in 2019.

American companies are ready to spend more in order to bring new products or services to the Russian market. Besides, the US allocates large sums of money to expand existing business capacity.

This year, US companies are expected to put their money into Russia’s chemical industry. A drop in the cost of mineral raw materials attracted foreing investors to the Rusisin chemical sector.

Investments in the production of essential and industrial goods are also popular among US companies. Notably, the energy sector is lagging behind due to extremely cheap raw materials. According to a survey of around 75 American investment companies, above 66% of these firms confirmed willingness to import their products into the Russian market. For comparison, their share of imports into the United States is only 34%. Slightly less than 50% of these firms mentioned that they redirected goods produced in Russia to other countries. Notably, only 16% of all products manufactured in Russia are imported to the United States, and most of them, 84%, are sent to other countries. One more curious fact is that more than a half of the companies surveyed export around 20% of Russian goods.


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