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#TRI (Thomson Reuters Corporation). Taux de change et graphiques en ligne.

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Thomson Reuters Corporation
77.49 USD
18 Sep 2020 22:59
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Thomson Reuters is a recognized leader among the global suppliers of analytical data, information solutions and databases for professional markets. The company was established in 2008. Later, the Thomson Corporation bought the Reuters news agency.

The company has a deep understanding of the specific aspects of the mass media. Innovative technologies allowed Thomson Reuters to establish itself as the industry leader. Thomson Reuters has a finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the industry that are vital for decision making in finance and risk management, as well as corporate management, law, taxation, accounting, science, and media.

The company is listed in the TSX and NYSE. In 2014, Thomson Reuters turnover was $12.607 billion, operating profit was $2.498 billion. Thomson Reuters developed its own innovative information platform Thomson Reuters Eikon on the basis of top-class technologies. This platform helps businessmen make carefully verified decisions on transactions in financial and commodity markets, gives instant access to up-to-date information on prices, events, and opinions, as well as provides analysis of the current situation on the market. Thomson Reuters Eikon provides access to pricing data with the longest history available. This platform allows users to communicate online with their clients and other professionals around the world. Thomson Reuters Eikon uses advanced search technology that helps find the necessary information very fast. The platform can be adjusted to individual needs of every client. Users of the Eikon platform can instantly and efficiently analyze stock, currency, and commodity markets.

The Eikon platform provides access to fundamental and analytical information on 40,000 companies around the world. Users can find the latest news sorted by countries, regions and industries, see forecasts on interest rates, oil prices, and macroeconomic indicators, as well as get acquainted with analytical charts and a variety of financial market instruments.

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