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If you are making use of the following services, you are not only protecting your trading account from hackers' attacks, but also provide an extra security which terminates any possible risks of hacking your trading account. Each type of protection is easy to use and it will not be a problem even for a novice. Nevertheless, each of them is effective as to alone provide a 100%-guarantee of the funds security on the trader's account. Meanwhile, all the clients of the company have a right to operate them together making their account fully and even excessively protected.

Security of withdrawal to unverified requisites

Did you deposit your account with a help of a payment system or a bank account? Your requisites instantly become verified and a withdrawal from the account, even in case it has been hacked, is impossible to other requisites. Still, if the cheaters are able to get an access to your account and deposit it in order to verify their requisites for the account, they will not be able to withdraw more than deposited from those requisites. Thus, even only after depositing your account, you are guaranteed from withdrawals to different from those used during the depositing process requisites. At present, the finance service of the international online Forex broker InstaForex Company is one of the best and reliable among all other Forex brokers, providing the safest level of security for its clients. Inevitably, such high protection is not made for inconvenience of the clients: if one needs to change the requisites after having lost the access to the former purse, it is as easy as filling in the standard form F1 for changing the requisites and attaching the ID scan.

Two-factor authentication

InstaForex aims to provide the highest level of protection of client's personal information. That is why the company designed the two-factor authentication system which ensures higher security of accounts compared with a single password.
You can enable the option through Client Cabinet. In addition to the password, the system will require a personal identification number (PIN) generated by Google Authenticator. Details

HTTPS/SSL secure technology

Every client of InstaForex international broker is protected from wiretapping the traffic with a purpose of stealing the passwords through the modern technology of a high - level encoding, which is acknowledged by one of the largest provider SSL - certificates - eset ssl filter ca. Being in Client cabinet or depositing/withdrawing funds, you can be sure that your passwords are safe thanks to coding every symbol of the transmitted information which consequently cannot be stolen by the intruders

Anti-Phishing: InstaForex Recommendations to Clients

Phishing attacks are one of the most widespread crimes in the global network. Every day hundreds of large companies across the world as well as their clients undergo the phishing attacks of different levels. InstaForex recommends the basic rules for its clients, following which it will be possible to secure the funds and trading from the scam of third parties.

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